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Other cleaning services throughout County Antrim

As well as cleaning your blocked drains, we at Abbey Drains Powerjet can offer you a range of excellent cleaning services.


No matter whether you've some ugly graffiti in need of removal, or your brickwork could do with a good cleaning, we can provide you with expert advice and service.

Our cleaning services include:

Graffiti removal

We know how stressful it can be finding where to start when removing graffiti, but with our up-to-date and thoroughly modern high pressure washing equipment, we can remove those stubborn graffiti marks quickly and efficiently (we can also safely use the relevant chemicals if necessary).


Brick cleaning

If you would like to freshen the appearance of your property or have stubborn marks removed from your bricks you have come to the right place, as we can have your brickwork looking its best again in no time.


Drain (sonar) tracing

Drain (sonar) tracing and CCTV drainage surveys will allow us to remotely view the size of your drains, find any problems, and allow us to find ways to fix the problem (it will also allow us to locate hidden manholes).


Cleaning and disposal of grease traps

We are experts in cleaning grease traps and responsibly disposing of the grease. Traps, when not regularly emptied, can cause bad smells and make it much harder when eventually wanting to get rid of the grease.

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